The Restaurant of the Auberge Etchegorry

10391998_182902521660_5969363_nYou will easily recognize the Etchegorry Inn with its beautiful red facade and flowers in front of a large park, the scenery is guaranteed. Do not come and taste the squid ink and péquillos stuffed with cod, black pudding home with caramelized apples, duck meatballs with foie gras, sweetbreads, nuts St Jacques scented with morels, the terrine marinated foie gras Jurançon … everything here is homemade.
This restaurant is a place steeped in history since it was frequented by Victor Hugo when he was called the “Cabaret Lady Gregory.”

A small hotel with 15 rooms 3 stars, run by the same owners adjacent to the restaurant. Rooms overlook the private garden of the hotel

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