Madame Grégoire’s Cabaret

Etchegorry The hostel is located in the heart of Paris, in a corner full of charm,
where once flowed the Bièvre when Beranger and Victor Hugo came Madame Grégoire.

We are here in one of the last corners of Paris which has retained a romantic style, despite the skyscrapers of the capital that was built here in 33, in 1959 (21 floors!). Bièvre who once gave the charming neighborhood as is unfortunately gone and flows present in the Square René Le Gall

Know first that the Croulebarbe street dates from the thirteenth century and is named after a notable corner, the Sire Jean De Croulebarbe, who owned a mill (died in 1840). What a pity that his wings are gone! You will find the most beautiful echoes of the history of the area Etchegorry restaurant formerly Madame Grégoire. The Lady Gregory once stood here a famous cabaret! Its charms conquered Beranger, Victor Hugo and many other poets. Cross the threshold of the inn Etchegorry and you will see a beautiful fresco which we distinguish Beranger, Victor Hugo seated with friends in the arbor of the cabaret. Right next It girl here is a portrait of “Lady Gregory.” Upstairs in one of the dining rooms of the restaurant, yet this one a rare portrait of the famous singer Beranger.

Beranger’s Song

cabaret_gregC’était de mon temps
que brillait Madame Grégoire.
J’allais à vingt ans
Dans son cabaret rire et boire.
Elle attirait les gens
Par des airs engageants.
Plus d’un brun à large poitrine
Avait là crédit sur la mine.
Ah ! comme on entrait
Boire à son cabaret
Tout est bien changé !
N’ayant plus rien à mettre en perce
Elle a pris congé
Et des plaisirs et du commerce
Que je regrette, Hélas !
La cave et ses appas !
Longtemps encore chaque pratique
S’écrira devant sa boutique
Ah ! comme on entrait
Boire à son cabaret